3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape 4412N

3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape 4412N

3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape 4412N is a 2.0 mm thick, highly conformable, single-side acrylic tape with a high-performance ionomer backing. Our tape was specifically designed to give you professional results under outdoor exposure to direct sunlight, as well as temperature and humidity extremes while creating an effective seal over an existing joint, seam, or penetration.

It is an ideal solution for “roof-to-trim” sealing and sealing around rooftop mechanical fasteners on commercial vehicles, allowing you to forego the need for large quantities of liquid sealants. We manufacture this tape to be very tacky making it the solution that meets a wide variety of difficult sealing applications. As a single coated tape, the sealing is generally done by “oversealing” an existing joint or penetration, as opposed to “between surface sealing” applications which are typically done with a double-coated tape, gasket, or liquid sealant/adhesive.

The acrylic adhesive used in the 3M™ Extreme Sealing Tape is manufactured from the same technology platform as our 3M™ VHB™ Tapes.

Our pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is made to give you exceptional performance for difficult sealing applications. The ionomer film backing is very tough yet flexible and abrasion-resistant. It is conformable for creating an effective seal over contours, edges rivets, and screw heads. Our thick acrylic adhesive is very soft and has excellent sealing properties along with good outdoor durability. It is designed to bond strongly to the ionomer film so that overlapping tape joints can be made while maintaining a strong, effective seal.

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