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Novacel 4224 for Window Profiles/Joinery

Novacel 4224 for Window Profiles/Joinery

NOVACEL 4224 Window Profile Protection is adapted to:

  • the chemical properties and the finish of your surfaces
  • your constraints in terms of manufacturing, transformation (sawing, drilling, welding, deburring), handling and conveying, storage and transport.

NOVACEL 4224 Reliable and trouble-free solution:

  • stable adhesion
  • significant outdoor life (12 months) in Australian UV Conditions
  • easy removal without tearing
  • white backing to reflect heat away from the adhesive layer
  • robust – 100-micron film with increased abrasion resistance.
  • hand-applied rolls.

NOVACEL 4224 preserves the quality and perfect finish of your window profile without leaving residues, stains or marking once the film is removed.

With NOVACEL profile protection, personalise your products by printing the film with your logo, brand names, advertising or a technical message.

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